Our Team

Dr Fiona Marston, Chief Executive

Over 25 years experience in biotech and venture capital with a successful track record of strategic development, growth and management of companies.

Dr David Knowles, Chairman

With more than 20 years experience of antimicrobial research in major pharma companies, David was recently the scientific leader in two biotech businesses (Piramed & RiboTargets) that achieved successful exit for investors.

Professor Simon Foster, Chief Scientific Officer

Leading expert on S. aureus with >20 years experience and currently has the largest academic laboratory working on this bacterium in the UK

Mr Mark Hollingworth, Finance Director

Mark is life sciences Financial Director with broad experience within industry, previously at Astra Zeneca as Finance Director Discovery Science and Global Safety.

Dr Neill Gingles; Head of Research

Neill has worked for over 18 years within academia and the pharmaceutical industry. He has a proven track record of research as evidenced by publications in a variety of scientific and medical research areas predominantly infectious disease, oncology, cardiovascular disease, and drug safety assessment.

Expert advisers

Drs. Mike Darsley & Philip Bedford (ex-Acambis; vaccine clinical development); Dr Martin Comberbach (ex-SKB Biologicals; vaccine manufacture; Prof. Vance Fowler (clinician, S. aureus); Dr J Mond (ex-CSO Biosynexus, clinician, S. aureus); Prof Mark Wilcox (clinician, C. difficile).


Absynth patents are granted in all major territories, which underpin the value in our business
Dr Fiona Marston, Chief Executive
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