Vision & Strategy

Absynth’s business model is to build value by establishing a pipeline of products targeting a range of infectious disease indications. The company aims to secure partnerships either when it has preclinical or clinical proof of principle for its products.

The overall aims are for Absynth to develop data packages that are significantly de-risked, with supporting data that candidate vaccines have the potential to elicit protective immune responses in human.

Potential partners are large pharmaceutical or biotech companies with the proven expertise to advance vaccines through clinical trials and market.

Absynth will either co-develop or licence the product in return for commercial milestone and royalty payments. Alternatively each product could be sold for a one-off payment in lieu of future milestones and royalties. There are many precedents for such deals in the vaccine field; at least 14 such deals since 2006 (companies including GSK, J&J, Merck, Novartis, Sanofi, Takeda).


Absynth patents are granted in all major territories, which underpin the value in our business
Dr Fiona Marston, Chief Executive
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